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School Councillors for Year 2

Dear Parents, We have decided to include year 2 children on our school council team this year so that there is a ‘voice’ to represent the infant children too. On Thursday we will hold simple class election process to determine who the two councillors will be. If your child thinks they would like to take [...]



1- New balls have made a difference to play. Girls feel they have better access to equipment. 2- Uniform changes- Year 5 want blazers! Libby and Zara to speak to Mr Jinks. 3- Paving slab at back of hall by pre-school entrance cracked. William and Elizabeth can show Mr Shingler. 4- Pupil news? Sports event- [...]


School Council 2 Oct 2013

1- Welcome to all elected members! We will give out badges on Friday week and take new photos. 2- ICT- Software- Can we update Microsoft version? No because we have to stay in line with other school systems. As they change so will we. When saving all pupils should check for compatibility version e.g. Mr [...]


February 26th

Meeting with Mrs Barks Re:- School Dinners   Could we do spicy chicken wings? No boned meat- or beef products!- allowed in schools! Why are the chips crispier? Mrs Barks has got a new fat fryer for fried rather than oven baked chips Could we do milk shakes? Yes- they will be ordered on the next [...]

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